Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Blue Heron

One of our newest projects! Meet The Blue Heron, the newest addition to our fleet. Donated to us by our friends, Jeff, Jan, and Rob, this baby bird is going to receive some much needed love and attention. How fitting that this boat has sat unused for 25 years just as the two of us will be entering our 25th year of existence. So excited to see what adventures unfold!

Loading her up along with our other water sport equipment :)
We already decided as we were driving that The Blue Heron was a perfect name...what a perfect coincidence that this painting was in the restroom of the gas station in Beverly Shores after we coined our boat's new name. It was meant to be I guess.

She's a bit dirty and worn from sitting on the beach for so long, but man does she still look good.
Sporting the patched look.
Sporting the sandy look.
Sporting the cobweb look.
Sporting the exposed foam look...we're going to have to change this look quickly!
Checking her out from all angles...

So stoked!

Just sneaking back into the Catterlin's backyard for awhile.
Whoops. Sorry, Mom and Dad. Looks like Mary brought another boat home again!
Sitting in Makeba's old work zone.
Time to start cleaning! Mary, get the shop vac!

Amy, get the power washer and sponge!
She looks pretty good after an initial cleaning, eh? We'll do about 3 more cleanings before we start the fiberglass repair :) More updates soon!

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