Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our 2nd Exhibit at PoCo Museum

She's back! After spending close to three weeks on the Lake Michigan's southern shore, Makeba has returned to the Porter County Museum of History. Only this time we're taking up a little more space. You can find our new exhibit space upstairs complete with a 7ft map plotting all of our stopping points, day summaries, photos and gear. And in the theatre space on the first floor, you'll find Makeba sitting and waiting to greet you while a few of our trip videos play on the projector.

Don't forget to write down a dream of yours and post it on a dream-window!

The room opened before our little boat was ready to leave the water, but she soon rejoined the PoCo Muse collection with the help of Kurt, Jake, Isaac, and Kevin. Amy was out of the country when it was time for the big move; and Mary's back is still touchy, so we definitely needed the muscle!
Great job guys! You're the best!

The quick-pick up zone.
Driving to Amy's house to lash everything together for the trip to Valpo.
A happy, tired brother ready to unload at the museum.
This feels familiar.  Heavy, awkward, and oh so familiar.

A little to the right, boys. Just kidding!
Sporting a fresh off the beach sandy look. Feel free to collect some sand if you feel inclined!
Ahh, the showboat life is a good life.
Thanks so much for the help, guys! We couldn't have moved her back without you. Makeba and the exhibit will be sticking around the Porter County Musuem of History through this fall, so be sure to tell your friends to come visit!

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