Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Trailer!

Only 60 books left if you want a copy!

Canoecopia 2017!

Late post, but we were so happy to be back up in Madison WI for the ultimate annual gathering of paddlers in the middle of March --- CANOECOPIA! We loved getting to set up a display with our DVDs and books at the MTI Adventurewear booth. Who could have guessed that our life jacket sponsor would become such a great friend!

We love seeing owner Lili every year, connecting with other adventurers, and hearing inspirational stories. This year we were especially excited to meet Paige Norman and Emma Burgeson, who became the first all women team to complete the world's longest canoe race, the Yukon 1000. Impressive to say the least.
And as always, it was a delight to catch up with Dave and Amy Freeman, the Environment's Favorite Power Couple.