Sunday, March 29, 2015

Film Premieres!

Lake Michigan in a Dugout: The Documentary has premiered!

We were able to share the 45min version at Canoecopia a few weeks ago. Many familiar faces from far and wide were in the audience which brought a tear to my eye - it was amazing to see so many of our friends in attendance. This was the first screening of the film for us, so we sat anxiously awaiting initial responses and reactions. Luckily, the end of the film came with a warm applause and many smiling faces!

Yesterday, we premiered the 75min full length version at the Porter County Museum of History, the same location that hosted the exhibit of our adventure last year. It was great to come back to a place that knows our story so well and to be able to share our newest project with them.

Here is a shot during the opening credits. The tiny room quickly filled up and became standing room only, so we hope that everyone was able to see and hear the film alright!
Our long distance trail angel, Jim Hopper (we stayed in his trailer in Trails End Bay during our trip), came from over 4 hours away with his 2 kids for the film showing. We love trying to inspire the little ones!
This other group of youngsters came with a mini-Makeba in tow - - - After seeing our museum exhibit last year, their grandpa had done a project with his grandchildren where he helped them all craft their own tiny dugout sailing canoes. This was such a fun surprise to hear that our story had led to the creation of all of these fun boats and a bonding moment for some unknown admirers! They even had us sign the boat. How adorable is that?

If you missed these screenings, don't worry! We are setting up more local screenings and the DVD will be available here soon.