Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Liebster Award Nomination

Amy and I have been nominated for the "Liebster Award" by the lovely Katie & Jessie. This summer they completed their 2 year journey doing The Great Loop aboard their boat, Louise. Pretty awesome, right? We can't wait to swap stories and share a brew or two!

This award is passed on from blogger to blogger as a way to share stories and connect others. Once nominated, you have to answer the questions given. Then you continue the chain by nominating your blogger friends with your own questions.

Questions from Katie and Jessie to Amy and Mary:

If you weren't on this adventure, what would you be doing?
Sadly, we're not on the adventure anymore, so we are doing what we would be doing except sometimes we wish we were doing something else like another adventure.
We talk about going on a new adventure just about every day, but we kinda promised we'd finish writing our book and editing our documentary about our trip around the lake. So until that day comes, we keep busy working on our mini projects and going on mini adventures.
What question do you hate answering the most?
Probably the bathroom question.
What question do you wish more people thought to ask?
"How do I get started on my own 'crazy' idea for an adventure?"
What was the dirtiest job you have been faced with?
Dirtiest activity on the trip: Since our canoe didn't have a lot of room to spare, we packed as minimally as possible. This meant limiting a lot of things, including clothing. So we had one paddling outfit each. Each of us had a pair of quick-drying pants, rain pants, a rain coat, gloves and a long sleeve UV shirt. But to add some variety to our days, we traded the UV shirts every single paddle day. Washed or not. Usually not washed. A little queazy to think about now, but we didn't mind much at the time.
Dirtiest paid job: Mary used to have to regularly do pump outs as a gas dock attendant in college.
What did you bring on your trip that you later realized was ridiculous?
We packed a stainless steel diving knife and a handmade fishing spear. We know those weren't necessary... But they were completely necessary.
Describe a moment when you wanted to quit.
The first day was definitely the hardest. After that, we learned to take it one day at a time.
Whose boat do you secretly wish you could hop on to travel with and why?
Steve Zissou's Belafonte for obvious reasons. 

We nominate the following bloggers for a Liebster Award:

Loreen Niewenhuis, the Great Lakes Queen. She has successfully walked 1,000mi around Lake Michigan, and then another 1,000mi around portions of all 5 Great Lakes, and then she explored 1,000mi of Islands on the Great Lakes. We dare you to ask her any question about the Great Lakes.

Tim Gallaway, the Greenland Kayaking Prince. Kayaker, slack-liner, craftsman, and our friend. We first connected with Tim during our expedition as he was just finishing up a trip of his own that took him kayaking from Sault Ste. Marie to the sea.

Amy and Dave Freeman, America's coolest couple. Fellow MTI Adventurewear supporters and National Geographic Adventurers of 2014, Amy and Dave started an amazing organization called Wilderness Classroom. This nonprofit connects thousands of students with live expeditions throughout the world. We followed along for their North American Odyssey (11,700 mile canoe/kayak/dogsled expedition) and their most recent Paddle to DC adventure.  

And the questions our fellow adventurers must answer:

* If you could have brought one celebrity on part of one of your adventures, who would that have been?
* What surprised you most about choosing this lifestyle?
* What's the stickiest situation you've found yourself in on one of your adventures?
* If your journey had a soundtrack, what would it's signature track be?
* What's your dream trip?
* What's the most valuable lesson you've taken away from your travels?
* What pet would you bring on your next trip?

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