Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goodbye Mr. Canoe

  We're sorry to say that the paddling world lost a friend earlier this week.  Amy and I were lucky enough to cross paths with Ralph Frese aka Mr. Canoe shortly before leaving for our trip around the lake.  We were still in the process of finishing the boat for departure and we heard from many that this was the man to talk to.  And they were right.  Ralph wasn't afraid to ask all the questions and guide us in the right direction.  He took a special interest in our plans and kept tabs on our boat construction and the journey itself.  We were able to e-mail back and forth during the trip, with Ralph frequently asking questions as to how the boat was holding up/ how we were holding up.  We actually met many people along the shore that knew Ralph!  How crazy is it to meet so many different people in completely different locations on the shore that all link back to this man?  Maybe not that crazy.  He was, no IS Mr. Canoe.  He will be missed by the many he touched.  We are glad to have known such a wonderful man.

Please visit the Ralph Frese memorial blog to share your memories of him.