Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Book and Documentary Scheming and Dreaming

We've been thinking about our book and documentary a lot lately. For both of these endeavors, we are beginning to work on text/a script for telling how this crazy dream became a reality. It's exciting to finally get going on these processes, but also a bit overwhelming - so please keep the encouragement coming! :) It will be another dream accomplished once we print our book and premiere our documentary!

Here is our documentary hype video - newly edited with subtitles! 


Looking through our hours of video footage, we are realizing that poor audio quality is a struggle we are going to have overcome. We hope to get over this hurdle with the use of subtitles, creative musical accompaniment, and voice overs that hopefully aren't too cheesy. The whole editing process is new to us, so we will be learning along the way and doing many google searches on "how to (blank) in Final Cut Pro." Although our adventure didn't include the highest quality cameras/microphones, we think our story is one that is worth sharing in hopes to inspire others to take chances on their dreams. You'll just have to laugh through the unintentional camera noises and completely intentional corny lip dubs.

As for the book, we finally completed typing up our handwritten journals and have printed them out. Currently, we are busily marking up the manuscript to figure out how to keep consistent voice throughout the narrative and noting where to add more back story, illustrations, and maps. Telling our story from two points of view will be a difficult task, but one that is truest to our story. Amy will reveal what Mary forgets to tell / doesn't want to tell, and vice versa.

We're doing this first and foremost for ourselves - to remember the details of our story when we are old and gray, to convince our grandchildren that we actually completed such a feat, and to be able to say that "I have written a book." Since we like doing everything the slow and unconventional way, we are piecing together a single book. Literally a scrapbook journal of sorts, with doodles, watercolors, and handwritten notes scribbled in the margins. We want to make a book, so we are making A BOOK. Of course we will eventually need to make at least two copies so that we can each have one. And then hopefully many more copies in the future - Would you read our storybook? ;)


  1. Heck yeah, I'd read it! You said to please keep up the encouragement...Well here it is- PLEASE keep on pursuing your goals! The world does want to hear your story!

  2. Best of luck to both of you. You're making your book and movie for the right reasons. For yourselves, for your grandkids, for the memories. I'm sure they will be amazing. I have confidence you'll make them happen. Never give up.