Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Surfboard Project and Photo Shoot by Carhartt

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the company Carhartt. They had heard about our circumnavigation of Lake Michigan and were impressed with the trip, and even more impressed by the handiwork done to create a boat of our own. They reached out to us in hopes that we were still creating things - enter the Blue Heron and our new surfboards! We let Carhartt know that our new projects lately include fixing up our new sailboat and also shaping some surfboards - they thought that these projects, along with the construction of Makeba and the circumnavigation, would be great to feature in their new blog about women and their work.

You remember the Blue Heron:

And here are the surfboards currently - which so far have consisted of us designing templates, cutting the rough outlines with dangerous blades, and slowly shaving and sanding away lots of dusty foam until we get the shapes we want:

Mary's 5' retro puffer fish and Amy's 6' oldschool longboard-shaped shortboard. Possible names include Pudge the Puffer, and Gidget the Fidget. These boards are our first attempt at shaping so they may have a bit of character when finished, but we are having fun with the process and are excited to fiberglass, give them some sweet paint jobs, design some fins, and get them out on Lake Michigan this fall.

Since we had these crafts in process, Jennifer with Carhartt came over for a photo shoot! We were able to do some work on the Blue Heron and our surfboards in their clothing line while she shot some pretty fun photographs to be featured on their blog, Crafted in Carhartt!
 Two girls and a boat

Two girls and a boat
Check them all out here. They also put up some of the same photos on their tumblr and pinterest pages. Thanks for reaching out to us, Carhartt!

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