Saturday, July 7, 2012

Proper Paddle Etiquette?

One thing we can't quite figure out is how to say hello to our fellow canoeists, kayakers, and sunfishies.  We get a lot of weird-ed out stares from boaters, but since we're all on the same level, it's like we're all in the same club.  Our question is, and feel free to weigh in on the topic, what's the best way to say hello?

Saying hello is great, but they can't always hear you.
Waving your hand would work if you weren't holding a paddle.
You could try the one-hand-wave, one-hand-paddle, but that usually ends up with you hitting the boat or water and quickly trying to regain self-confidence.
Waving you paddle in the air stalls your momentum and if caught in the right wind, looks pretty silly.  And we need all the forward momentum we can get with Makeba.
What about a proper head nod?
You know, the -Good day, Sir- nod... This might be construed as just a slow, strange, movement of the body brought on by fatigue.  But if done with good timing, we think it could be read as a friendly acknowledgement of your small boat brethren.

Or you could just not say hello, but that's just cold.  Personally, any of these maneuvers end with a clear message of "Hi, great day for a paddle, no?".  We like to try one or two, or a combo, and then laugh it off after, I guess it's about personal preference.

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  1. One handed wave using the hand on the top of the paddle, that way the other hand keeps the paddle in control....That is my wave vote! \0|