Thursday, July 5, 2012

Early Favorite Moments

These past few days have been very busy.  Here are a few of my favorite moments so far.

-Running to Makeba to drop anchor on the beach through heavy rain, 60mph winds, and pelting sand.
-Docking our little boat, sail flapping in the wind, next to some serious, fiber glassed racers.
-Explaining what we are and what we're doing to curious strangers.
-Getting blank stares from other boaters out on the water.  -What is that?
-Not having to pass the steel mill anymore.  Such a strong smell you could taste it!
-Eating tacos in an air conditioned restaurant in Chicago.  We plan on doing a lake-wide taco tour.  Maybe the real reason we're on this trip... nahhh
-Receiving a warm welcome from Marinas who take us in.
-Discovering how great it is to paddle at 5am!  No wakes, boats, and a little less heat.
-Seeing exactly how far we've gone on our GPS map!  We're going NORTH now!

Lovely Industry.

Pulled up at East Chicago's Marina.  End of day 2.

Pulled up at a lighthouse for a break by the steel mill.

Grimy water.

Oh no!  The anchor's stuck!  No problem. Amy's got it!

She took a plunge into the gross water to save our anchor from the underwater rock cave.

Battle wounds from said encounter.

Oh, and here's the freighter we out sprinted out of the Indiana Harbor Channel.
Note:  If you think it's moving, it's best to assume it is and wait.

Is that chicago??

Makeba sunbathing and taking a break.

Docked like a real sailboat. -Hammond Marina- End of day 3.

Excited for sunrise!

Yay Chicago!

Sorry there's aren't more pictures related to my favorite moments list!  I'm trying to pull the camera out more often.  It's easy to get distracted :)

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