Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week One Photos!

Here are some photos and random happenings - we're at a public library now so we are enjoying posting some pics. North winds are keeping us off the water the rest of today and tomorrow - waves will hopefully be down by early Monday.
 Using our Steri-PEN Adventurer Opti UV water purifier the first day out - this thing is going to be great! Drinking the water we are paddling in.

 Even though we have the Steri-PEN we wouldn't even try to drink this water. This is around the steel mills in northwest Indiana. You literally saw a layer of tiny sparkling particles (perhaps metal or coal?) across the surface of the water. Don't light a match.

 Sailing into East Chicago Marina after a long day of paddling past the steel mills. It was a good break for our arms. We haven't had one since.

 Makeba looking like a real sailboat. Only fun sized.

 Mary got her phone and ipod wet the first day we were out in a storm. We quickly tried to bring them back to life...with our garlic and herb rice we had worked! Only slightly spicey now.

 Part of Arcelormittal Steel. Pretty sunset?

 Mary passed out on the beach for a break after getting around Arcelormittal Steel.

 Trying to organize the boat at the Hammond Marina. We arrived early, but I guess we spent a little too much of our daylight hanging out in the air conditioned bathroom.

 Sailboats love America. View from Brian Ellison's sailboat for the fourth. Thanks for the break!

 Coming up on Chicago! Can you believe it looks even bigger from the water? And it probably makes us look even smaller?

 Pulling into Belmont Harbor we passed this 70 foot Puma ocean racer - it was impressive!

 Makeba tied up at Wilmette Harbor.

Oh, so this is why we get so many funny looks out on the water. At least we're keeping out of the sun!

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