Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1

We launched today!  Had a glassy morning, but when we got to Dune Acres, a thunderstorm rolled in in a matter of minutes.  Good thing Makeba is a solid, sturdy, girl!  We pulled her ashore and took cover.  She didn't move an inch through high winds and waves!

The perfect spot to hide: a dune grass gulley.  Note the amazing tree house in the woods.

Mary calling her dad to tell him we were okay.

Hunkering down in the dune grass before we were kindly invited into a neighbors home!
Thanks for the help Mr. & Mrs. Klien and Mr. & Mrs. Evans!

After the storm - our marine radio said winds could reach 60mph. Well combined with the blowing sand, they were strong enough to clean the paint right off Makeba! Hopefully no freak storms tomorrow!

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