Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Lake and With Good Friends

Makeba is finally splashing around in Lake Michigan!  A few days ago we pieced together the last of the rigging and decorating with our friend Jackie.  The initial launch was postponed due to weather but spirits were high as we got to do one of our favorite activities- painting!  We installed a handle in the bow and stern to make beaching a little easier, so of course, they needed decorating.

Jackie- sporting some retro safety glasses whilst painting

Color explosion!

Jackie and Mary beach party!

The first dip in the lake took place in Beverly Shores.  We were greeted by a few nice DNR officers who first just wanted to know why we were parking on the sandy road.  Once we explained ourselves, the officers, Mike and Dave, kindly offered us some hiking advice and spread the word to their buddies down the beach.  So after shortly trying, and failing, to sail, we paddled around for the rest of the day towards Mt. Baldy.

After a full day of paddling, we've definitely gotten more familiar with the boat and what we should do to organize her and make every inch more functional.  Tight quarters make for thoughtful decisions.

Thanks to our friend, Geof it seems as though she'll be an actual sailboat.  He was able to figure out a few rudder and lee board issues, and even supplied us with an old lee board to fashion into a longer rudder.  What a guy!  His years of sailing a variety of boats have really helped us out these last few weeks since Makeba isn't a traditional boat.

We are professionals.

Makin' a new rudder!

The wind was light yesterday, but we were still able to sail!
She hums like a dream!

Patched more of the sail yesterday!

Not very good at it.

Waves were building last night!
Surf's up on the south end!

Side note- Right now the boat seems to be taking on a lot of water as she adjusts to the moisture and expands.  The leaking has increased, but we're going to give Makeba another day or so to adjust, otherwise we may have some major work to do. -More on this later.  Staying positive and shooting for our original launch date!

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