Thursday, May 17, 2012


Do you know what a diva is? A diva is not necessarily a word that I would automatically choose to describe myself, Mary, or any part of this trip. But thanks to MTI Adventurewear we'll be feeling like divas in our PFDivas! So more importantly, do you know what a PFD is? PFD is the abbreviation for a personal flotation device aka a life jacket. We knew we would be wanting the best life jackets out there for our safety and our parents' peace of mind. Luckily, MTI Adventurewear hopped on board as our very first company sponsor. 

They have provided Mary and I with their PFDiva model life jackets, as well as two of their APF model life jackets for anyone who tags along for part of our trip (hint, hint, wink, wink).

Here is Amy in the PFDiva. This life jacket has the unique Adjust-A-Bust women's fit system to keep "the girls" in place. We'll let you know how that works out. Also, we love that this jacket has pockets for us to carry our safety signaling gear. It is the most comfortable life jacket I've ever tried on which is a good thing considering I may be wearing it everyday for 2-3 months - excited to try it out on the water soon!

Here is Amy in the APF life jacket. APF stands for All Person Fit, meaning it will easily and comfortably fit a 30" chest or a 56" chest. Also meaning you have no excuse not to come join us for some safe fun along the way!
 "MTI Adventurewear – Making life jackets for people who LOVE LIFE and ON WATER ADVENTURE for over 20 years. Proud to support the adventure dream of  Two Girls and a Tree Named Makeba."

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