Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LOTS of Help in Making Our Dreams Come True

When thinking back to the beginning of our idea for a trip of this sort, I remember thinking that we would probably need to circle up at least a little bit of support along the way. As we started off on this journey, we quickly realized that we would be needing more than just a little - we would be needing LOTS of help. Thankfully, preparation so far has been full of words of encouragement and advice from family, friends, fellow adventurers, and others who see a dream being chased and want to see it get caught. We really do appreciate it. We couldn't have imagined a more rewarding experience so far. Hearing about other people's dreams in the process has been just as gratifying as telling people about our own.

Even a few great companies have offered support for our endeavor - we're absolutely ecstatic to be able to pack up some great gear into our dugout canoe! Be on the lookout for new posts about the companies, their awesome products, and how they are helping make our dreams come true. 

And just because Mary and I love this song - take a listen, you're welcome. But seriously, thank you!

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