Thursday, March 31, 2016

Log Jam

Dear friends near and far,

First off, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and enthusiasm, without which our dreams would be much harder to accomplish and pursue day in and day out.

Due to unforeseen delays, we have had to push back the printing of the Log. Since first deciding to turn our trip journals into print, we've devoted countless hours to brainstorming, writing, revising, illustrating, and designing a book to share with all of you. Believe us when we say we want to see this book in our hands just as much as you. Most of all though, this book is meant to be shared with friends and family, and those who may just need that last push to start off on a journey of their own. We don’t want to sell ourselves, or you, short on quality. Don’t worry, the book will still be on its way shortly. It will just not be in your hands, ready for page turning, by March 15th as originally hoped.

It’s more exciting this way, isn’t it? More of an adventure. Where is my book now? Does it know where to find me? Is it traveling safely? You never know when that package will make its way home, but you know it will.

We are hoping to send the final files to the printer by the end of March, so…we don’t want to say exactly when the UPS man will come knocking at your door, but you can count on it being a spring surprise when he does!

The Log of our journey is a combined illustrated journal that tells the story of how Mary got the big idea to build a dugout sailing canoe and how Amy agreed to take the tree-boat 1,200 miles around their backyard, Lake Michigan. Filled with sketches, watercolors, and photos, this book is very much a relic to our story and what this experience has meant to us. The 6x8.75" book will contain full color illustrations and entries by yours truly. You will receive a signed and numbered edition of your Log, jam-packed with after production markings and creative add-ins. Your book preorder will help offset printing costs for a small batch edition of 250 copies. Orders can still be placed at:

We hope you understand. Thank you for your help in making the first print a success. Along with you, we are hoping this book is worth the wait!


Amy & Mary

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