Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The End.... the end?

Here we are.  Our last travel day of the trip of a lifetime.  And it was a great day.  Our goal was to make it from Warren Dunes to Beverly shores in one go- 21mi.  The next day was calling for high winds that would cause waves, so we knew we needed to go as far as we could otherwise we would be having another weather day only 5-7mi from home.
 Makeba patiently waiting to leave.
First stop, New Buffalo, Rios.
There was no way we could pass New Buffalo without pulling over and going into town for some Rios.  Dressed in wetsuits, PFD and all, we were ready to chow down on some seriously delicious mexican food.  Rios is our favorite, and probably the best mexican food restaurant on the lake.  We've dreamed of this day the entire 93 days we were on the water.
 So happy to have you back in our lives!
 The pet we always wanted.  Might need a bigger PFD for ol' Bessy!
Here we're passing our favorite Long Beach stop!  Hi Kelly family!  See you at Beach Glass Cafe soon!
 Off to Michigan City!
The lighthouse we are most familiar with.
 We were moving so quickly under sail that we decided to stop and climb one of our favorite Beverly Shores dunes.  Here's Amy and Makeba in the distance.  She has a problem with heights... so she decided not to climb up with us.  The tree that's scared of heights.  Can you believe it?

Our beautiful lake.
Finally!  Chicago appeared in the distance out of the gloomy far away clouds!  Hello old friend!
And what is this?  Our wonderful friends from B&E Marine came to see us home!  They pulled up to us tooting their horn, displaying a huge sign reading "Welcome Back Mary & Amy"!  What a great surprise!  Thanks so much you guys!
 Passing our original starting line!  This is the official spot where our journey began!  We ended up going just another mile further to the public beach.
 So we got home a little earlier than expected, arriving at 4pm.  21mi sailed in an 8hr day that included walks into town and dune climbing.  Nice.  Hi everybody!  
 A few more people came to welcome us home.

 We made it!  High Five!
 Makeba pulled up in the perfect parking spot.  The boats saved a space for us like they knew we were coming.  Again, Makeba fits right in.

Have you heard that Wilderness Inquiry is in town?  The whole crew came to meet us while we were on the beach!  They're in Michigan City for the week taking school kids on canoe rides on Trail Creek. Sweet Voyageur Canoes.  What a nice smooth ride.  Open canoe ride to the public will be offered on Wednesday from 5pm-7pm if you want to check these out!
 Mmmm food, beverages, friends, and family.  Pass the veggies please!  After hanging around at the beach until 5:30, we went to Amy's Aunt Indre's house.  Thanks for the welcome back meal!
This is the end of our journey around Lake Michigan, but don't worry, it's not the last of its kind.  Amy and I have had a wonderful time on Lake Michigan these past 3 months/93 days.  We got to experience the entire lake's shoreline up close and personal, meeting so many wonderful people along the way.  We would not be where we are now if not for the kindness of so many friends and strangers.  Thank you!
To answer some questions:  No, Makeba will not be going on another similar trip on another great lake.  I think she deserves a break.  We have no regrets on taking her for this one though!  The next journey will hopefully be by a faster, sleeker means.  Yes, we took lots and lots of video and are looking to make a small video with the help of our amazing friend Kevin Weaver, video extraordinaire.  And yes, we might maybe perhaps possibly write a book and/or children's book about a tree that once dreamt of sailing in Lake Michigan.  A silly dream for a tree, don't you think?  Maybe even sillier for two girls to have the same dream.  Naw.


  1. Congratulations Mary & Amy! You have successfully done what many thousands of people have only dreamed about. Keep smiling as you re-integrate into life off the water, and know that our inland sea is there when you need to step back. Take care!

  2. I love your story! I would love to have you both as guest speakers via Skype or Facetime in my classroom. My 8th graders would be thrilled!

  3. This puts a big ole smile on my face! Such a cool thing to read as I sit up here at the camper right now listening to the Lake Michigan waves breaking on her shores! Thanks for the inspiration for our adventures! (my mini adventure backpacking was great!)

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  5. Really nice work ladies! Look forward to seeing morw clips/movie of your trip.
    CONTRATS and thanks for sharing :)

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