Monday, September 24, 2012

Weathered In

We will get home, just not as soon as expected. The winds and waves have kept us off the water - there are some days on Lake Michigan that Makeba just can't handle and this past week has been full of them. We have been weathered in for a week in Saugatuck. Luckily we made some great new friends - our friend Dave has let us stay on his solo sailboat during these stormy days! What a treat in comparison to our tiny, not so waterproof, tent! The name of his boat is the Phagawi. Just think of a group of Boston kids lost at sea wondering where they are, saying "Where the Phagawi?!" Get it? ;)

So we've been staying on this wonderful boat in the channel. Since we have been out of Lake Michigan's sight, we have checked the weather each morning to decide if we can leave that day or not. Some days we have even packed up and headed down to the lake expecting to be able to leave. Other days we just look out of the Phagawi and know it's not meant to be. This is about how each day this week has gone...

 "Looks like a nice sunny morning today!"
 "Finally, a nice day to get some miles in."
 "I'm so excited to get moving again! I can hardly contain my excitement!"
 "Man, it really is sunny. It's probably going to actually be warm today if this keeps up."
 "Oh. Umm, the sky over the lake doesn't look too friendly..."
 "And it's only getting angrier..."
 "Hmmm, looks like we might not be moving today on second thought."
 "Geez, where the phagawi?!"
 "Maybe we should take shelter somewhere...Quick, get inside the Phagawi!"
That's the general morning routine these days...but the weather will clear eventually! Lake Michigan must not want our adventure to end. Even after 86 days, the lake still wants to keep us as her own. We are excited to get home, but I'm not quite sure that we want it to end yet either! The low pressure system that has been over the lake is moving on in the next few days. The high pressure system behind it will hopefully be bringing some lighter, more favorable winds our way. One day soon we will get all packed up and actually be able to leave :) Looks like we will soon have good weather to bring us safely home these last 74 miles!

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