Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Girl Horse Power

We have been meaning to do a post like this for awhile...we always laugh (because what can you do but laugh?) at the things we are faster than while paddling Makeba. Let's be serious, we're paddling a cottonwood log around a huge body of water that likes to be windy and wavy and usually not in our favor - we didn't expect to be moving too fast. But it's comical how slow we are some days!

A conversation with a power boater may go something like this:
"What kind of an engine do you have in that thing?"
"Oh, just three 300 hp outboards on this thing. What's powering your boat?"
"Oh, just 2 girl hp on this old thing."

Things we are faster than while paddling our log with our 2 girl hp:
A small girl on an over-sized stand up paddle board
The slowest of beach walkers collecting pretty stones and beach glass
Swimmers, as long as we don't stop often for breaks
Elderly sight seeing kayakers who stop often to take in the view
Small children on noodles and inner tubes

Things that constantly pass us up while paddling our log:
Any normal stand up paddle boarders
Any normal beach walker
Sea kayakers
Power boats
Sail boats

This past week we had a first though - we beat our friend Tim in his sea kayak! This was of course once we put our sail up though :) He couldn't believe that a log was sailing past him.
2 girl hp + sunfish sail = beating a sleek kayak :)
We can beat many more water crafts with that handy little sail, so we use it whenever possible! Luckily this whole trip around Lake Michigan hasn't been all paddling...only about 2/3 of it!

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