Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Catch-up!

Our time in Wisconsin has been fun and busy!  Let's play catch-up!  -We ended up staying an exta day in Kohler Adrea due to weather and some much needed rest.  What does a person do with their extra time off the water?  Well, Mary likes to take a nap in the tent while Amy goes for a morning run, for starters.  So antsy!  

 We then set out to town with our friend Carol.  We got so much done!  Hit the library, got some new/old bike tire tubes to replace our UV damaged lashings, got some hardware, and of course went to the grocery store to get some nutella, peanut butter, twix, cheese, buns, and Sheboygan brat patties!  -Oh and salad!  YUM!

 After a delightful dinner, we went to the kayak talk that happened to be occurring that night at the Nature Center. We met a great adventurous group of people who we took down to the beach to see the dugout!
The next day we were able to take off again - left late due to waves, so our 2 o'clock departure made for a later paddle than we are used to. Luckily our new buddy Jon had friends up the beach past Sheboygan. 
 It was a great view and calmed down nicely. Jon met us for some fun adventure story telling around the campfire!
 The next morning we were able to sail - allll day! 25 miles from Sheboygan to Two Rivers. Laid back sailing is what we enjoy.
 In Two Rivers we were able to meet up with a friend's dad for the evening. Bob treated us to dinner and some shipwreck history of the Great Lakes. We loved stopping in the McDonalds the next morning and admiring this fantastic topo map of Lake Michigan.
 It even listed all of the shipwreck sites along the shoreline. I hope we'll see a couple!
 Thanks, Bob!
From Two Rivers we moved on towards Kewaunee Marina. This was another 20 mile sailing day - yay for south winds lately! They set us up with a slip, fenders, and a campsite. William and Mary met up with us for some barbeque and beers - a great time was had by all! Here is the Tug Ludington that we pulled up to. Makeba looked very tiny next to this boat!
 From Kewaunee we moved to the cute town of Algoma, WI. We walked around the town some and found some interesting things.
 Wall paintings of historic boats of the area. The Margaret!
 A crazy antique store.
 Complete with an Indian in the Cupboard!
 Someone who converted their minivan to solar power - awesome!
Got some ice cream and admired the Elizabeth, Mary hopes her next boat project will be a fixer-upper like this.
Hey, we know you! We saw the Margaret, this time not in painting form.
We docked and camped at Capt K's Landing.  It's nice to be able to camp so close to Makeba.  Thank you for the Salmon Diane and Roger! Glad we forgot our beer and fish so we could meet Kevin! 
 Leaving Algoma the next morning we fought NE winds all day. After making it a lousy 7 miles in 7 hours we decided to pull over on this little treasure. Green, mucky, blue-green algae infested pea soup water! Have you ever seen Lake Michigan look like this?
 Because we haven't.
 From far away, our campsite was quite pretty though. (just stay out of the water and don't even attempt to filter it)
 Amy journaling by the small river where we pulled up.
The next morning the weather looked very unfavorable - large storm clouds rolling in and waves picking up. So we hunkered down in our leaky tent. 
 Our friend Kevin helped us pull the boat up, and cover her up in the reeds, and brought us back to Algoma for the day.
 Our wonderful Algoma family!
 We hung out at a cool gallery and outdoor space called the Flying Pig. The ponds were full of frogs, so of course we had some fun catching them!
 Nikki even put them in her pockets.
Look at them all! She was fearless!
 Then we got ready for the evening - getting dolled up for dinner.
 After dinner, we found ourselves at Skip and Jane's. Their home was gorgeous. Here we are on Alaska Lake (wait, I think we're lost!) Thanks Skip and Jane!
 Kevin snapped some photos of us taking off the next day.
Goodbye! We are northward bound :)

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