Monday, June 4, 2012

Thanks GoMacro!

Our MacroBars have arrived! Thanks GoMacro!

MacroBars are macrobiotic, vegan, energy and protein bars that are made fresh daily on a rural farm in S.W. Wisconsin. Minimally processed and certified organic, the bars utilize simple healthy ingredients to boost your immune system and help provide your body with essential nutrients. The macrobiotic approach to food is dynamic. GoMacro products do not use any additives or preservatives, refined sugars or flours or dairy, thus helping to create a pH-balanced environment in your body, leading to better absorption of minerals and other nutrients. The bars are sweetened with grain-based sweeteners. These sweeteners take longer to digest, thus avoiding the blood-sugar spikes associated with refined sugars. The fats in GoMacro bars are healthy fats derived from nuts and seeds containing omega3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Carbs are complex carbs from whole grains. These are slow-burning carbs that boost energy levels throughout the day. Protein comes from brown rice protein – a great high protein alternative to animal products and soy.

So many delicious flavors! From Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein to Tahini Date to Granola with Coconut, we'll be enjoying a variety of flavors that taste nothing like most health food bars. It's like eating a tastey dessert! We will be able to pack the bars so that we have a breakfast kind of bar and then an energy/protein bar for later on in the day when we need that little extra boost. They provide a great natural form of nutrients packed into a small hearty bar – compact and easy to store in our tightly packed canoe!

Macrobiotics is based on eating all natural minimally processed local foods in order to get the most energy and nutrients out of your diet while also supporting the natural environment. Macrobiotic is Greek for long or great life. The diet originated in the orient and has been followed for thousands of years. The ancients of the east used the term, "golden body" to describe one who has achieved an invincible immune system. Although that goal may be unrealistic for most of us, with the help of macrobiotics we can make tremendous strides towards boosting our immune system. I would say by choosing to travel by dugout canoe and non-motorized craft, we are trying to be as natural as possible and live in balance with our Lake Michigan environment. We’ll fit right in with the travelers of old, even if we won’t fit in with most of the travelers of today. MacroBars and dugout canoe travel go hand in hand I guess. Who knew! :)

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